SheeCool Hookah "Vase":

Is an exceptional "Patented Hookah Freezable water tank / Vase" that provides a long lasting smoking joy. Unlike conventional Hookah Pipes that loses efficiency and taste after minutes of use, SheeCool retains a "smooth" sensational taste with every puff that can last up to 3 hours by "preserving the flavor" 2 times more than the normal Hookah / Shisha water tank.

SheeCool provides you the taste you always anticipated with every Puff. Using a simple technique yet effective, SheeCool has the solution. Its tough body incorporates an internal vacuity which is filled with a "freezable Liquid or Gel" that cuts down on burning senses while inhaling the smoke. By placing SheeCool water tank (vase) couple of hours in the freezer, the air-flowing from the basin becomes cool and leads to "increase the tobacco and charcoal life time" and to provide "burn-free sensation" during the whole smoking session.

The most important thing from using SheeCool concept is; reducing hazards and smoking harms, among them "Lung cancer". A high percentage of Tar, PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), Nicotine (nitrosamines), and CO (Carbon Monoxide) "sharply reduced" because of circulating the inhaled smoke into "cold water" which leads to melt and decrease harmful elements and gases.

SheeCool vase comes in different body colors and sizes of your choice. It is "compatible" with most Hookah / Shisha stems (16-18-20-22-24-26 and 30) including the screw on type.

SheeCool "burner" or "SheeCoal" (Patented):

SheeCoal by SheeCool is the replacement of traditional charcoal. It is a device / accessory that used to burn the Hookah's tobacco "indirectly" by the "heat" of SheeCoal's head. The head is heated by iso butane flame. The SheeCoal burner can be hooked to the Hookah Stem by a clip and it is connected to an iso Butane cartridge.  It is eventually a replacement of the conventional Charcoal which made of Wood, Chemical, or organic Solid Carbonaceous Substance.